Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Destination Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Esoteric Abode of  Vibrant Life Amid Serenity 

Reclining Visnu - Sesh Shaiyya

From unknown to worldwide popularity has been the saga of this verdant paradise on Earth. Bandhavgarh National Park was erstwhile kingdom of Maharajahs of Rewa. Successive dynasties have ruled this forest kingdom. The ruins are witness to this historic upheaval of centuries of conquests. Temples, fort in ruins, stables, idols, and manmade caves are creation of the warring dynasties.    


Conquerors made their marks before being vanquished by the victors, but the forest lay unperturbed by the turbulence in its premises. The ecosystem nurtured and protected, the wilderness ruled by the tiger. No more a fiefdom of the usurpers, the destination is home to an impressive biodiversity. People of all walks of life from near and far arrive here to witness the exuberant growth of its flora and the enchanting fauna. 

Bandhavgarh first came to light whence the white tiger was discovered nearby. Since then this esoteric recessive gene has not been discovered in the wilds of tiger lands.             

Declared as a protected area, the park is a conservation unit that nurtures critically endangered animals. Tiger rules supreme as a tertiary carnivore accompanied by the leopard and the wild dog.

Other carnivores found are the jackal, fox, hyena and the wolf. The last two I have not seen since many years and they are probably on verge of extinction. Deer and antelope form the prey base while numerous life forms complete the web of life to form an ecosystem with niche habitats.    

Park is home to more impressive avian species albeit few birders arrive here to watch them. For major share of popularity has been taken over the big cats. After the films by NGC and BBC the paradise gained wide publicity and witnessed a sudden surge of tourists from all over. 

Situated at the edge of the reserve at Tala Village the Kothi of Maharani is reminiscent of a lonely past. Protected as a hunting preserve, the Maharajahs of Rewa were avid hunters and conservationist as well. The hunting privilege was accorded to few dignitaries and the woods were well protected. 

The Kothi along with the scattered ruins are now frozen in time. In the early days of tourism post independence a rest house at Tala provided accommodation to the few who visited this preserve. Then the White Tiger Lodge was established followed by plethora of lodges once tourism mushroomed in this remote quarter of Central India.  
Crested Serpent Eagle

Bandhavgarh National Park now a tiger reserve is regarded as a major conservation centre. Tourism flourishes alongside to extol the nature’s bounty and the saga of preservation.   
Brown Fish Owl

The ideal access point is Jabalpur City in MP. Connectivity by air and overnight rail is preferred while local arrivals drive from the satellite towns like, Khajuraho, Katni and Satna.  Accommodation can be availed at luxury hotels in Bandhavgarh near the main Tala Gate. 

Albeit wildlife can be experienced throughout the open season, overseas travellers prefer winter season. Wildlife photographers prefer the extensive sunlight of the scorching summer. Park is closed during the monsoon from July to September.      

When planning a tiger safari fetch along books on birds, binoculars, cloth as per the seasons and personal necessities. 

Image Courtesy Kamaljeet Hora

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Mukul Yadav Lens Man Incredible

I have known Mukul Yadav since we met at CourtyardHouse at Kanha. He was assigned to photograph the resort at Kanha for its brochure creation. Mukul did an excellent job to highlight the varied facets of the boutique property as well as the aesthetics. As expected he was marvellous.     

Based in Jabalpur he is active in many forums that highlight the art of photography. He carries out many assignments locally as well as all over in India. A soft spoken man without airs he speaks through his art and communicate he does well. His pictures are showcased below.  

Tiger at Kanha National Park in India

Bhedaghat Boating


Dal Lake Kashmir


FloatingLamps Narbada




Mukul Yadav


Vijan Mahal Jabalpur

CourtyardHouse Kanha
These are some of the photographs among many that I like the most. Mukul Yadav is active on facebook page MIFOSO

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Jabalpur City in Madhya Pradesh India
23.1815° N, 79.9864° E Coordinates

The 26th largest city in India is by no means small, with a population of two million it swells around overflowing the rim. Surrounded on all sides by verdant mountains, it is picturesque and quaint. Well known since the Raj, the British loved it for its greenery and cool climate. Access to the summer capital Pachmarhi and the tiger reserves was an attractive proposition as well.    

Inundated  by River Narmada, the holiest, the town is much a center of religious activities with most of the rites and rituals being conducted on its stepped embankments at Gwarighat and Lametaghat. 

Jabalpur has number of satellite towns, and the hub is called Mahakaushal. Rich in arts, culture and traditions, the destination is also referred as Sanskardhani - meaning place with rich culture and ethos.

Situated in the center of the country in the State of Madhya Pradesh, it provides an important conduit to many tourist destinations. The town is well known for this, but it also contains defense manufacturing industries, telecom, HQs of major public concerns and forest based industries which to some extent have declined.     

Nevertheless, the erstwhile garrison town is well connected by railways and a vast road network. Flights connect New Delhi and Mumbai and towns within the route. More flights are being planned.

The city is an important education center with RDVV, Veterinary and Medical Universities. Large number of technical colleges impart high degree of education not forgetting recently established IITD.  

State of art medical facilities invite people from Mahakaushal Region for treatment. A large number of hospitals of all disciplines run by experts service the people.  

Chousath Yogini

Dhuandhar Falls



Boating at Marble Rocks
Above Images by Neeraj Vegad
Madan Mahal Outpost

Jabalpur City

The nearby picnic points are an added attraction. Most popular is the Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls followed by Chousath Yogini, Madan Mahal, Dumna Nature Reserve, Khandari Reservoir and Pariyat Reservoir. 

Trade and business constitute major revenue generation arms apart from the public sector units. The city is also becoming hub of IT & private manufacturing industries. 

Nearby regions excel in agricultural production, and food processing opportunities are in plenty.  Self sufficient in many sectors, the destination has bright prospects for investors and settlers alike. 

The City is a major recreational center with a number of restaurants, fast food chains, local eateries, big luxury hotels of star rating, malls, theaters, shopping plazas and local markets. Clubs, coffee shops, dhabas, bars, pubs abound within the city limits. 

Jabalpur is popular among tourists visiting nearby destinations for holidays. The cool climate, green surroundings and serene getaways welcome one and all.           

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Magnificence & Simplicity - Both are Awe Inspiring

Around the World in Eighty Dollars!

Nandita Amin - Vadodara

As I was snooping through wide array of images in her albums (facebook) there emerged a peripatetic wanderer, foodie, animal/nature lover and lens woman amazing.

Through her travels,Nandita Amin enraptures with the unfolding saga of her travels, with an eye for bringing out the essence of the objects through her images. Wanderlust is for adventurers, explorers and the brave with an eye for hidden mysteries and the unseen. Travel is not just leisure, it is an opportunity to experience, to learn and enrich life as well lived.

For many, the images offer opportunity to experience life outside one's domain without the hassles of travel formalities and what not...right within the cool corridors of one's house ensconced in comfort and ease.          

During travels: Some of her images...................  

Baobab Avenue - Madagascar

Bengali Sweet


Blue Fronted Redstart - Uttrabchal


Cooking Stove

Shekhawati Haveli Courtyard

Ancient Gate Navalgarh 

Iran - Persian Architecture

Navalgarh Haveli

Rajasthan Haveli

Highway - Delhi - Haryana

Tehran from Air




Kuber Temple of Narmada


Male Tiger - Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Delhi Sky


Tree Shrew


Irani Lady

Mustrad Fields Gujarat